Need help figuring out how to get started with a smart home? I can help!

First Step - Free Consultation

With a free consultation, there is no risk, only reward. We'll get to know one another and see if your home is fit to become a smart one (spoiler alert - IT IS.) From there, we'll discuss my services and what I can do to help you get started. This can be done via phone call or email.

First session

game plan | Q & a

Figuring out your abilities and knowledge base is important to know what system is best for you. A few easy questions will give me a good idea of where to start with a home automation system. Don't worry if you feel like you're not "smart enough" to make it work. That's what I'm here for! Deciding on what you want your smart home to do for you is important to know which route to take. There are dozens of platforms out there, we'll narrow down some options and go from there. We'll also outline a budget and decide if the DIY approach is more your style (it is mine.) From there we can get together a list of products that fit your needs.

Following Sessions

set up

Depending on your situation and decided system, we can work on getting everything set up. While I am a huge "internet of things" and smart home nerd, I don't know everything. I will do the required research needed to get your system set up and devices paired. Skype calls and even remote control of your computer to help you may be available, if you wish. 

options & scenarios

It is important to know what options are available to you for your selected system. We will go over different examples and scenarios that you could have in your smart home. We will break it down by each room in your home so you don't feel overwhelmed. Once we have an understanding of the specific scenarios you would like, we can get a list together of products to make it happen.

Testing and troubleshooting

The testing phase is one of my favorites as you get to see everything working for the first time! Hopefully, everything works as expected, but with anything tech related there are sometimes bugs. We will work through and troubleshoot any possible failures in the system, provided we went the DIY route, and replace any products necessary. 

automations & configuring

This is the fun part! Once everything is set up and paired, we can start making these devices work for you. The options & scenarios session(s) that we discussed previously will be implemented into the system. This part of the smart home world is ever changing, well it all is, but new scenarios are being discovered as well as new technologies becoming available. Future sessions regarding updates and new implementations will be available to schedule. 

further sessions

Each client will have a different system and a different situation. More sessions not outlined here may be needed regarding more product or user specific needs. 

Questions or Concerns? No Problem! 

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